Hi, my name is Wendy. Soon I will be 10 years the wrong side of fifty!!

Three years ago I put my pelvis out and this started a load of problems. My pelvis was corrected and advice given to help the muscles which had shortened during the trauma.

Well, I’m not the worlds best exerciser unless it’s gentle walking. Unable to wear any footwear other than trainers, which I disliked, although they did take away some discomfort, then my physio suggested that I try pilates. What could I lose? (maybe a few pounds in weight that is!)

I started back in May 2010 as a very raw recruit, I couldn’t even do the sessions in my bare feet as it was too painful. Just 5 weeks in and I was ready to get rid of those trainers for the hour long classes.

I have not looked back!!

It has improved the muscle tone around my joints such as the knees, hips and upper body.

I’ve had a great time over the last 16 months, Mike being a great instructor.

I haven’t lost any weight but have dropped a couple of dress sizes.

Pilates has certainly been beneficial for me and has been great fun also.


I started pilates with Mike in January 2005. I had been suffering from lower back pain and had tried conventional medicine without much benefit. I was having physiotherapy and my physiotherapist said really there was not much more she could do for me, as I have degenerative changes in my lower spine. I also have Multiple Sclerosis and a roator cuff problem and my physio said pilates would benefit all of these problems.
I have benefited no end from pilates. My shoulder is much stronger and I have a wider range of movement in it. Also my balance, affected by my MS, has improved. I can now manage my back pain with the exercises and if I miss a lesson I really know it. Also, my stamina has improved, my body shape has changed for the better and I have lost weight - 3 bonuses I did not expect! I feel healthier and happier and I intend to carry on with pilates for as long as I am able to get out of bed!
Vi, New Milton

I have been doing one of Mike's Pilates classes once a week for about a year now and have gradually felt fitter, more supple.
and far more aware of my posture - particularly when at my computer (sadly - most of the day!). I was a complete beginner so had no idea what to expect. I found Mike to be a great teacher who lets all his pupils develop safely and at their own rate and ability - I would highly recommend his class and feel lucky to have found it. Thanks Mike!
Sue Roberts

I have attended Mike Simms’ Pilates classes for several months and have found them not only great fun but also very beneficial. Not only has he helped me cure tendonitis, he has also helped me be much more aware of the importance of good posture.

Jeannette Sandison

Pilates with Mike Simms is a pleasure. Specially recorded, but not intrusive, music enhances the stretching and toning, the apparent gentleness of which hides the work which is being done and the benefits which ensue. These benefits are many, not least week by week increasing balance and control of the separate parts of ones' body.
This class would suit all ages, shapes and sizes of men and women, whose individual physical needs and concerns are addressed quietly and sensitively by Mike, so that no-one feels they have to compete. Everyone enjoys the hour which ends with blissful relaxation.
Yvonne, Christchurch

Thanks for a rewarding year of personal training. I really enjoy it!
Kim, Poole

Exceptionally understanding. Innovative tailored programmes to suit me which are not only interesting but 'do-able'.
Philip, London

I started pilates with Mike after my physiotherapist reccommended it to me. It has made a wonderful difference - my back pain is much less and I feel much more able to do everyday things. Mike has been very helpful, adapting exercises to suit me.

Anne, Bournemouth

After 3 years of personal training with Mike I feel like a different person. He's kept me motivated through some tough times and I'm now slimmer, fitter and healthier than I've been for a long time.

Tina, Bournemouth

I want to recommend my personal trainer, who was recommended to me by my physiotherapist: Mike Simms who now operates near his home in the following areas: Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch and The New Forest. He helped me to get the fittest I've ever been.

Bill, Richmond

Am enjoying the classes and a couple of people thought I had lost some weight (which I haven't) and I think that it's to do with my posture being better. I am so much more aware of that now. My thanks to you for excellent tuition.

Margaret, Christchurch

There's always so much to remember during each exercise that it's really helpful when Mike reminds us to 'draw up the core', or 'relax the shoulders.' Mike is also very good at ensuring that we do the postures safely and as well as we are able, encouraging us to do our best without pushing us to advanced positions until we're ready. I always feel mentally calm but physically invigorated after one of his lessons.
Lesley, Christchurch

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